Admin: Promotion / Production / Publicity Guidelines and Timetable from Lorraine Whittlesey

  1. 3 - 6 months prior to concert: decide theme / title of even, secure event site, establish contact person at site, verify times as per rehearsal(s) and performance times, loading sites, AC sites, and use of space for hospitality purposes.
  2. 3 months (or before) prior to concert: call for scores should be completed so as to allow proper time for intelligent programming and promotional material to be sent to magazines such as Baltimore, Style, which require large lead-in time. Prepare short blurbs that include title of org, title of event, location, and contact phone #. If mags are interested they will follow up with phone call. Try and establish one contact person. Fax's work really well.
  3. 2 months prior to concert: verify #1, make certain composers have performers contracted for event, (when applicable) arrange for hospitality. Make certain performers have scores and have arranged rehearsal times.
  4. 4 weeks prior to concert: send out promo material to weekly / daily papers. Include same material sent to mags.
  5. 3 weeks prior to concert: send out invitations on list, includes press personnel.
  6. 1-2 weeks prior to concert: post flyers to receptive merchants. Fresh Fields has bulletin board at exit. Also post info to any list-serves such as ArtMobile. Verify particulars re: program notes, bios, and programming of works and arrange for printing of programs.
  7. Rehearsal date: attend, if possible, dress rehearsal, make certain hospitality is arranged, and contact person will be in place on day of concert.
  8. Day of concert: arrive at least one hour prior to even to make certain all is well. If admission is to be charged, arrange for someone to oversee collection.

Contact Names

Baltimore Magazine:  Catherine Leidemer, event listings  (ph) 410.752.4201  (fax) 410.625.0280  address: 1000 Lancaster Street, Suite 400, Baltimore, 21202 
CityPaper:  Lee Gardner, music editor  (ph) 410.523.2300 x241  fax unknown address: 812 Park Avenue, Baltimore, 21201 
Sun:  Tim Smith, music editor  (ph) 410.332.6000  (fax) 410.783.2519  address: 501 N. Calvert Street, 21278-0001 
WBJC Reed Hessler, producer  (ph) 410.462.8444  fax unknown address: 2901 Liberty Heights Avenue, Baltimore 21215