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John Crouch

About the Composer

John H. Crouch (born 1947) was brought up in the Washington D. C., USA area. Learned to play multiple instruments ­ cello, strg. bass, tuba, oboe, flute, clarinet, and sax. Became interested in composing at age 14. Majored in music at Boston University, studying oboe with Ralph Gomberg. Continued interest in composition lead to incidental music for a Synge play, and a Prelude, Chorale, and Alleluia for SATB, organ and strings. Then came commissions from the Washington Modern Dance Society for a study followed by two full dance works scored for small ensemble. Performances of the Duo for Guitars (1968) and a "one man" concert at the Smithsonian Institute (1969) then took place. Exxon Corp. placed a tape of the Theme and Variations for Woodwind Quintet in a time capsule for 2076. A performance of Design for Wind Band occurred in 1976. A Suite for Children for oboe, clarinet, and bassoon along with several other works for horn, flute and guitar came from this period. Then after a pause of reflection, I decided on a non-related-to music career change. I wrote no music from 1978 until 1999 when I had time to return to my first love ­ music. My String Quartet (1999) marks this new beginning!


List of Works

1. Sonatina for French Horn and Piano (1964) 8 minutes
2. Interlude for Flute and Guitar (1965) 3:30m
3. Prelude, Chorale, and Alleluia for SATB, Organ, and Strgs. (1966) 4:15m
4. Duo for 2 Guitars (1967) 8:30m
5. Three Dances from Green Mansions for small orchestra (1968) 12m
6. Design for Wind Band (1973) 6m
7. Theme and Variations for Woodwind Quintet (1975) 7m
8. Concert Piece for Guitar (1976) 2:50m
9. Children's Suite for Oboe, Clarinet, and Bassoon (1976) 7:15m
10.String Quartet (1999) In revision.
11. Rains of Spring for Oboe and String Orchestra (2000) 9:30m
12. Trio for Violin, 'Cello, and Piano (2000) 17m
13. Quintet for Bassoon and Strings (2000) 18m
14. In Memoriam for Full Orchestra (2001) 10m
15. Elegy for Flute and Chamber Orchestra (2001) 10:30m
16. Prelude and Scherzo for Brass Quintet (2001) 7:30m
17. Trio for Oboe, Viola, and Piano (2001) 15:30m


Contact Information

John H. Crouch
3475 Sechrist Rd.
Brogue, PA 17309
(717) 927-9148