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Archives of previous announcements from the BCF Members' Lounge:
NOTE: this is not an archive of every announcement ever posted. Only recent announcements will be maintained.

(9/27/01) #2 SCORE CALL FOR FEB 8, 2002 has been updated. See the left column of this page.

(9/4/01) NEW CALL FOR SCORES: See #1 to the left for the October 21 forum.

(9/2/01) AUG TRAFFIC REPORT ADDED. See Traffic Report section below.

(8/28/01) MEMBER AREA UPDATED. - new area for George Spicka: Picture gallery. See "Members" section.

(8/23/01 6p#3) SCORE CALL UPDATE. The November 5 concert is full. See 2 new score calls on the left side of this page.

(8/23/01 6p#2) MEMBER AREA UPDATED. Updated biographical information for Geo Spicka. See "Members Pages" link below.

(8/23/01 6p) MINUTES OF 8/22 MEETING ADDED. See "Minutes of BCF Meetings" in "Local Links" section below.

(8/22/01 11p) ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP FEE IS DUE. The fee is $45.00. Please contact Robert Hitz to renew.

(8/15/01 6p) THIS SITE SUBMITTED TO THE FOLLOWING SEARCH ENGINES: Yahoo, Google, AltaVista, AOL Search, HotBot, Lycos, Netscape Search. It can take anywhere from 2 months on up for us to start showing up in them.

(8/14/01 7p) OK! We're starting to see some action in the discussion board. People are posting. Thanks! Those of you who haven't posted yet, let's hear from you.

(8/8/01 - 10p#2) PHILOSOPHY I haven't received a single response to my announcement posted below on 8/2 about a proposal to create a new area for this website - member feedback was requested. I asked in that announcement that members put a message up on the web board letting me know their opinion. In case you don't know what a web board is, it's a lot like sending an e-mail. You put in your name, your subject, and your message. Instead of the mail being sent to a person, it is sent to a web page. After you have sent your message, any lounge member can come and see it at any time. Please take another look at the 8/2 proposal, I really want your feedback. If you still need help, send e-mail to me, Gavin Brown, BCF webmaster, at gavbrown@erols.com. This is your chance to participate.

(8/8/01 - 10p) 2New sections on this page. 1) Announcements archive. See "local links" section below. 2) Click the number above, in the top bar.

(8/6/01 - 7p) NEW INFO FOR MEMBER - See autobiography and list of works of Alan Duckworth on the Members page. Why aren't YOU there?

(8/6/01) NEW LOUNGE MEMBER - welcome Susan Lieberson Heifetz.

(8/2/01) New section on this page. Traffic Reports. See who's looking at which webpages. Down at bottom.

(8/2/01 5p) PROPOSAL FOR NEW WEB AREA. Sometimes I have musical events that I am involved in that don't have anything to do with the BCF. It might be nice to have the information on the BCF site. I could just put it in my personal area, but here's another idea. What if we create a new page called "Member Events" and put such events up on that page? We could place a link to it from the home page and build it like the calendar on the home page. If you are interested in offering your opinion on this subject, post something in the General Discussion Board:

look for the icon at the bottom left of this page.

(8/2/01 3p) NEW LOUNGE MEMBER - welcome Alan Duckworth! Also put Alan on the Members page.