About the BCF

The Baltimore Composers Forum (BCF) was founded in 1992 by Baltimore composer/musician D.C. Culbertson.

Since its inception, the BCF has presented over 300 original works by Baltimore area composers; many of them premieres. BCF's public concerts have been organized around various themes ranging from traditional solo and ensemble pieces to interactive computer and multi-media works.

In 1993, the BCF also presented a concert of works John Cage, called "But What About the Sound..." that was intended both as a memorial tribute to the late composer and as a fundraiser for the group. The following year it presented a concert at the Walters Art Museum in conjunction with the exhibit "Going for Baroque," a co-presentation between the Walters and the Contemporary Museum which featured contemporary art influenced by baroque idioms.

In recent years, thanks to the generous support of Walter Summer, the BCF has presented reading sessions for its members. In 1998, a string quartet reading featured the Horizon String Quartet playing works of six composers. Composer Chen Yi offered critique and commentary to each composer. Last year, the Global Percussion Ensemble read works of five member composers. The session was moderated by a panel consisting of Jeffrey Mumford, Jessica Krash and David Froom, Washington area composers.

BCF's mission as a presenting organization has made it possible for several members to receive Meet The Composer grants for the presentation of a new work, and a mini-grant from the Maryland State Arts Council enabled the group to feature the Polaris ensemble as guest performers of members' music. Future plans include a local music newsletter, recording and broadcasting projects, and an educational program.

Participation in the Baltimore Composers Forum can take several forms. Active composer members are invited to submit works for possible programming on any concert. Performer members, in addition to working with member composers, may present examples from the twentieth century literature. Others may contribute through donation of services or other talents. BCF is a registered non-profit organization; contributions to its work are tax-deductible. Funds come from member dues, donations received at concerts, individual and corporate donations, and grants. If you are interested in furthuring the cause of contemporary music in the Baltimore area, please join in our work.